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We love fighting for the underdog and, in the process, helping them find a strength they didn’t know they had.

When things look bleak, contemplating a confrontation with a large corporation can make even the heartiest soul feel outmatched. But at Matt Huffman Law, our mission is to help our clients emerge victorious.

It’s an approach that’s grounded in the real-life experiences of Lead Counsel Matt Huffman, experiences that fuel his efforts on behalf of every client the firm takes on.

He said the following about his own devastating loss, when the 2016 Clayton Fire in Lower Lake, California destroyed not only his childhood home but much of his hometown:

“Fires can rob us not only of our belongings, but also of our sense of security, community and stability. I used to be able to go home and feel deeply connected. After the fire, that all changed. In the beginning it was very heavy. There was a mix of emotions, between grief, anger, and confusion. But helping my friends, family, and neighbors work together to overcome the destruction, that was inspirational.”

Being of service was instilled in Matt from a very young age. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army, entering active duty at the age of 17, and is the son of a volunteer firefighter. “I remember watching my dad run out of the house in the darkness when the town fire siren would sound. He would run towards the danger. He was always helping. It was like, if someone needs help, just go.”

Whether it’s a wildfire case or a military mass tort, we serve our clients on a contingency basis. That means we front all costs including our time, taking on all the financial risk. Our fees are very competitive and geared toward maximizing your recovery. Additionally, we’re able to apply the Doctrine of Inverse Condemnation to most utility-caused fires in California. This powerful law allows us to make the defendant pay most fees and costs on Economic Loss (real property, contents, lost income) netting the client significantly more.

If we can’t win or settle for you, we absorb all the time and costs of your case, and you owe us nothing.

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A Warning About Direct Payments for Community Recovery (DP4CR)

Recently, powerful companies like Pacific Gas and Electric began offering early settlement programs such as DP4CR. Be aware that such programs may not cover many damages that the law allows for. For example, DP4CR completely eliminates recovery for emotional distress incurred while evacuating and navigating the recovery process. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases DP4CR results in awards around 50 cents on the dollar vs. what we can traditionally recover. We can provide a free analysis of your case to help you determine if DP4CR offers you an advantage.

Matt Huffman

Attorney Matt Huffman knows something about hardship and loss. He saw the 2016 Clayton Fire destroy his childhood home, and along with it, much of his hometown of Lower Lake, California.

What’s more, as a veteran of U.S. Army Infantry, he’s seen the lasting impact that conflict has had on his Brothers and Sisters in arms.

Now, he brings the knowledge and experience that comes with such challenges into the courtroom. And in his role as Lead Counsel at Matt Huffman Law, he offers respect and care to those individuals for whom he’s been entrusted to fight.

Matt is also an active member in several service organizations that bring meaning to the lives of veterans, including Team Rubicon, Veteran’s PATH, and Veteran Surf Alliance.


Bachelor of Science

Construction Management California State University, Chico 2012

Master of Legal Studies

Empire College School of Law Santa Rosa, CA 2015

Juris Doctor

Empire College School of Law Santa Rosa, CA 2017


State Bar of California

December, 2017

Supreme Court of California

December, 2017

United States District Court for the Northern District of California

January, 2018


California Lawyer’s Association

Sacramento, CA

Lake County Bar Association

Lake County, CA

Sonoma County Bar Association

Sonoma County, CA

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